King International Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers

0 3 m
₹ 404
₹ 899
Product Description
  • Dimension of small container: 10 cm X 10 cm X 5.5 cm Dimension of medium container: 12 cm X 12 cm X 6.5 cm Dimension of large container: 13.5 cm X 13.5 cm X 7.5 cm
  • It has enough storage for Dryfrits,Mukhwas Spices,Masala etc
  • The Multi Dryfruits/Mukhwas is aesthetically designed to store all your essential items.
  • Used for stacking daily needed item’s like Mukhwas, Dryfruit.
  • It holds a variety of range in each segment for instance Dabbas, Thalis, Vatis, Tiffin etc

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